Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

When you hire a car in Corfu you need to follow Greek laws and driving regulations. Always remember that safety comes first and ride responsibly.

Age requirements

The minimum age to rent a car is the following: 21 years old for car groups a, b, c and 25 years old for cars of other groups. The minimum age to hire a scooter, quad bike, buggy or motorcycle in Greece is 18 years old.

Driving licence

A valid driving licence must be held from the driver. You need to hand an international driving licence to hire a motorcycle or a car if yours is not issued within EU. You can easily obtain one from your local automobile association.


Fuel is payable by the renter. Our policy is however you receive it however you return it. All of our cars have petrol for more than 100 km.

Driving out of Corfu

Any rentals can’t be driven out of the island of Corfu.

Traffic fines

Traffic fines are liability of the renter and shall be paid immediately to avoid penalties.


The car models are according to original planning, delivery problems however may compel us to supply another car in exceptional cases.

Cancellation (Free)

The cancellation is free when you give us notice at least 48 hrs before.

Please, contact us if you have more questions.

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